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Information on Contract Awarded – BEEPAF-P165405-CQ-40-CS-23-FBIH


Information on Contract Awarded


Project Name: Additional Financing for the Energy Efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BEEP)

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Number: P165405

Name and address of Client: Ministry of Spatial Planning of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hamdije Čemerlića 2, Sarajevo


Awarded Firm: nLogic doo

Address: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contract signature date: 28.11.2023.

Method of Procurement/Selection: Consultant Qualification Selection method

Price: 82.569,47 KM

Duration: 3 months

Summary scope of contract: Energy certification for public buildings under the implementation of the energy efficiency improvements in public buildings, Ref. No BEEPAF-P165405-CQ-40-CS-23-FBIH