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Information on Contract Awarded – BEEPAF-P165405-IC-20-CS-23-FBIH


Information on Contract Awarded

Project Name: Additional Financing for the Energy Efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BEEP)

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Number: P165405

Name and address of Client: Ministry of Spatial Planning of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hamdije Čemerlića 2, Sarajevo

Awarded Individual Consultant: Davorin Pavalić

Address: Novi Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contract award date: 20.07.2023.

Method of Procurement/Selection: Selection of Individual Consultant

Price: 63.720 BAM

Duration: 6 months

Summary scope of contract: provision of services related to the strengthening of institutional framework and the energy efficiency management system capacity development through design of the feasibility study for establishment of the Energy Efficiency Agency in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ref. No. BEEPAF-P165405-IC-20-CS-23-FBIH