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Construction acts

A built construction or a part of a built construction that forms a separate economic/technical unit may be put into use – and the planned business use subject to special regulations may be approved – only after the Ministry has issued a usage permit.

The usage permit is issued upon completion of technical inspection. A technical inspection verifies that the construction has been constructed in accordance with the technical documentation used to obtain the construction permit, technical regulations and norms, as well as any requirements applicable to the construction pursuant to special regulations.

The Ministry issues a decision appointing the expert committee that will conduct the technical inspection, namely the president and members of the committee. The president and members of the committee must be graduate engineers with ten years of work experience and completed professional exams. The number of members depends on the type and complexity of the construction in question. The committee must include one professional member for each type of works to be inspected by the committee (architectural/civil engineering, mechanical engineering works, water and sewage, electrical installations, etc.), as well as authorised representatives of competent bodies and legal persons that must participate in the work of the committee pursuant to special laws.

Lista stručnih lica koja ispunjavaju uvjete za učešće u komisijama za obavljanje tehničkih pregleda izvedenih radova na građevinama i zahvatima iz nadležnosti Federalnog ministarstvo prostornog uređenja.