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Conformity assessment of construction products

In accordance with the Law on Construction Products (Official Gazette of the Federation BiH, no. 78/09), a construction product is any product manufactured for the purposes of permanent installation in constructions, which includes both buildings and engineering works. A construction product may be placed on the market, distributed and used only if its usability has been proven, and if it is duly labelled and accompanied by technical instructions in accordance with this Law and corresponding by-laws.  A construction product is considered usable if its technical characteristics match the technical specifications. Usability of a construction product is demonstrated, depending on the type and technical specifications, by a conformity document issued upon completion, or upon verification of completion, of the procedure for assessment of conformity of the technical characteristics of the construction product to its technical specifications and the conformity label prescribed by this Law. The Federal Ministry of Physical Planning maintains a record of authorised legal persons and issued certificates of conformity, in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 of the Rulebook on conformity assessment for construction products (Official Gazette of FBiH, no. 88/10, 64/11 and 44/16).

Records of construction products that have a certificate of conformity – 13012021