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The Federal Ministry of Physical Planning exists in its current form since 2006 when the Federal ministries underwent reorganisation under the Law on Federal Ministries and Other Bodies of the Federal Administration. Prior to this reorganisation, the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning also included the Sector for Environment.

In its present form, the Ministry focuses on main activities related to physical planning in the Federation, land use at the Federal level, long-term resource planning and protection of national monuments and areas of major importance in terms of natural, built and cultural and historical heritage. More information about the Ministry’s missions can be found here.

Mission of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning:

– Development and implementation of plans, strategies, policies, laws and other regulations in the domain of physical planning;
– Land use in the Federation BiH and housing matters;
– Monitoring of implementation of the relevant regulations, with the aim to create the most favourable conditions in which citizens and legal persons can exercise their rights before this administrative body.

Vision of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning:

Establishment and maintenance of an efficient, secure and modern system in the Federation BiH, which fully meets the needs of its citizens and legal persons and contributes to economic and social growth of the society as a whole, within the domain of this Federal Ministry’s competences.

In order to perform these missions, the Ministry is organised into four sectors, as shown on the organisational chart here. Clicking on any organisational unit on the chart will display a short description of that unit.

Contact details
Main office: Sarajevo, Hamdije Čemerlića 2
Telephone: + 387 33 726 500
Telefax: + 387 33 652 743
E-mail: info@fmpu.gov.ba