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Article 18 of the Law on Federal Ministries and other bodies of the Federal Administration (Official Gazette of the Federation BiH, no. 19/03, 38/05, 2/06, 10/06, 61/06 and 48/11) states: “The Federal Ministry of Physical Planning performs management, professional and other duties in the jurisdiction of the Federation, related to: physical planning and regulation; land use policy at the Federal level; development, implementation and enforcement of the physical plan of the Federation BiH; harmonisation of cantonal physical plans with the physical plan of the Federation BiH; steering of long-term development of natural resource exploitation; geological surveys; creation of basic geophysical, seismic, geothermal, mineral/energy, geochemical, geomorphological and other maps; preparation of underlying geological maps for physical development; supervision of relevant institutions in this sector and other duties assigned to it by the law.”

Article 3 of the Rulebook on internal organisation of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning, number 05-02-1182/12-12 dated 02.07.2013, number 05-02-1182/12-14 dated July 2015, number 05-02-1182/12 dated 24.10.2017, and number 05-02-1182/12-47 dated July 2018, states that the Ministry performs administrative, professional and other duties under the competence of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically related to: