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Intergovernmental consultations held on 16 November 2016 between the Federal Republic of Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina have resulted in a proposed energy efficiency project that would be financed by KFW through a grant worth 9.5 million euros and implemented in the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period 2019-2023. The project will promote energy efficiency and improve public services in schools and kindergartens (as well as universities) through investments in energy efficiency measures. The overall development goal of the EEPB is to contribute to global climate, local environment and sustainable economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. An additional objective and benefit of the project is improvement of public services and poverty reduction. The project will focus on schools and kindergartens.

The Financing Agreement with the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be signed by the end of 2019, together with a Special Project Implementation Agreement with the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning as the institution responsible for project implementation. The project is implemented by the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning.