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Information on Contract Awarded by SSS - Ref. No.: BEEP-P143580-SSS-01-CS-19-FBIH

Objavljeno: 20.6.2019.

Information on Contract Awarded by SSS

Project Name: Energy Efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BEEP)
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project Number: P143580
Awarded Firm: Euroing doo
Address: Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contract signature date: May 22, 2019
Method of Selection: Single Source Selection (SSS)
Price: 4.914,00 KM
Duration: 60 days
Summary scope of contract: Project/technical design documentation preparation for Installation of Automatic Heating Control (AHC) in two subprojects
Ref. No.: BEEP-P143580-SSS-01-CS-19-FBIH